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02 Sep 2014

Laura & Miles Brooklyn Winery Wedding Video!

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Brooklyn Winery Wedding Video!

Check out this video of Laura & Miles’ Brooklyn Winery wedding we spun that was featured on Ruffled Blog. Beautiful and fun, so much dancing & partying!
For more pics & a recap of this awesome wedding, go here!

Video courtesy of the good folks over at Crown Street Productions.

26 Jan 2014

Rohit & Pia’s Multicultural Indian Wedding Video!

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Rohit and Pia's multicultural indian wedding dance party

We first posted about Rohit & Pia’s awesome multicultural Indian wedding awhile back with a bunch of pictures (see here).  Now we have a short old-school feeling wedding highlight video courtesy of James Sengul.  Check out the fabulous details of the wedding and the raucous dancing that went on! We played everything from Stevie Wonder, Notorious BIG, Rihanna, Michael Jackson to Bhangra & Bollywood hits mixed in for a great dance party by all.  Everybody looked pretty sweaty by the time the evening was done, but they all left with smiles on their faces!

And I wish I could end every night with a visit to the elaborate dessert table & ice cream sandwich cart! :)

30 Oct 2013

Minna & Brian’s Manor House at Prophecy Creek Wedding Video!

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Manor House at Prophecy Creek Wedding Video!

Don’t let the cuteness of the video fool you. Minna & Brian were ready to PARTY at the Manor House at Prophecy Creek Park in Ambler! ATCQ & 2Pac during dinner? Big Sean & Maino during dancing? Music to my ears! Folks got busy on the dance floor!

Video courtesy of Frank Ahn Films.

06 Aug 2013

Joan & Danny’s Kimmel Center Wedding Video!

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Joan & Danny’s Kimmel Center Wedding!


When I first blogged about Joan & Danny’s wedding a couple weeks (see here), I shared some general details about the venue, the food, etc etc. Here are some more interesting tidbits about how Joan & Danny found us.

I first received an email from Joan (living in Finland at the time!) about 10 months before the wedding. I remembered her name looking familiar but was unable to put my finger on where I had met her before. As I kept reading it all became clear.  We had spun her brother’s wedding in the Philly area 2 years prior and now little sister was getting married!

It’s always super exciting to establish a connection with clients that extends past the initial event. As we grow as DJs, we see that same growth with our past clients (often kids!) at their family & friends’ weddings & events.

It’s time like that when we say wholeheartedly, we love what we do!

Anyways, excuse my tangent.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy Joan & Danny’s wedding movie produced by Tree of Life Films

26 Jun 2013

Candice & Matt’s Brooklyn Wedding Videos Part 2!

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Here is part 2 of Matt & Candice’s wedding video shot by their friend Will Herbert.  This was such a dope wedding.

If you missed the previous posts, you can check them out here and here.